Sneaky Lucas & Derek Parallel Only Eagle-Eyed Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Notice

Sneaky Lucas & Derek Parallel Only Eagle-Eyed Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Notice
Image credit: ABC

A nephew appears to have more in common with his uncle than anyone initially suspected.

Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd was undoubtedly one of Grey's Anatomy's most popular characters, captivating the medical drama's fans since its 2005 debut.

Although the heartthrob exited the show some time ago, fans continue to miss him and hope he may someday return to pay a visit to his former friends and colleagues.

However, Grey's Anatomy's creators surprised viewers in Season 19 by introducing Lucas, a charming surgical intern who happens to be Derek's nephew! And the two have a lot more in common than one might imagine.

Much like his uncle, Lucas is no stranger to love triangles, and the recent development between him and his crush, Simone, only reinforces this pattern.

Despite Lucas confessing his feelings to Simone a few episodes prior, she inexplicably asked him to be her man of honour at her wedding. While many fans are eager to see what chaos this wedding might bring about, some recall that Lucas' uncle—played by Patrick Dempsey—found himself in a comparable predicament.

In the 2008 film Made of Honor, Dempsey's character, Tom, faced a similar dilemma—becoming the man of honour at the wedding of the woman he secretly loved.

Although not the best rom-com, the film secured its place among cult favourites, leading fans to wonder if Grey's Anatomy writers intentionally borrowed the film's premise for Lucas' latest storyline.

Fans strongly believe that, much like Dempsey's character in the movie, Lucas will ultimately win the bride's heart and elope with her from a ruined wedding.

The chemistry between Lucas and Simone has resonated so deeply with fans that the writers had little choice but to make them a couple by the end of season 19.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19, Episode 14, is set to air on 13 April 2023.