Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald is Shipping Chrishell & G Flip — and We're Here for It!

Image credit: Netflix

Over the course of its five-season run, Netflix's reality series Selling Sunset, which follows a group of high-end real estate agents as they navigate their personal and professional lives, has garnered quite a large following — and with season six expected to arrive in the coming months, there's one particular storyline that both cast members and viewers seem most eager to dive into.

Talking to ET, Mary Fitzgerald said she was thrilled to hear about the new relationship between Chrishell Stause and singer G Flip. She said the couple look very happy and expressed hope that they would stay together for a long time. The broker also admitted that she'd love to welcome them into the married club.

"I love them together. [Chrishell is] so happy. She seems so in her element. And G is just amazing," Fitzgerald said. "Yeah, they are the best couple. I'm so happy for both of them."

The romance between Chrishell Stause, who's been part of the show since season one, and the Australian musician G Flip became public after the release of G Flip's music video starring Stause.

This was after Selling Sunset season five, which left the real estate agent heartbroken over the breakup with her boyfriend and boss, Jason Oppenheim. Many fans really felt for Stause and wanted her to succeed in her personal life, so they were excited to learn about her new romance with G Flip. And of course, people are now eager to get a glimpse of this relationship, as G Flip is set to make a cameo appearance in several episodes of the upcoming season six.

Fans find that the couple looks absolutely gorgeous and clearly dote on each other in all the photos and videos they share. Chrishell always looks happy, and that's exactly what she deserves after so much drama in her previous relationships.

It feels like her focus has shifted from her partner to herself, and it makes her more comfortable and confident.

Anyone who has seen her and G Flip together can tell that the two adore each other, and it seems that the singer is willing to do anything to make Chrishell happy. That's why fans consider G Flip to be their favorite of all Chrishell's partners, and they can't wait to watch the next season of Selling Sunset to dive deep into this exciting romance.