Season 3 Update Makes Fans Think Netflix Cutting Heartstopper Budget

Season 3 Update Makes Fans Think Netflix Cutting Heartstopper Budget
Image credit: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed a significant change.

Undoubtedly, Netflix's Heartstopper is currently one of the most popular romantic shows on the air, and given the positive reception of the teen LGBTQ+ drama's second season, it could potentially become one of the most important shows in the streaming giant's library after the new third season is released. However, it would appear that Netflix has concluded that they were spending too much on the show's production and has announced an unexpected replacement for season three.

Don't worry; we're not talking about any central cast members: all of them, including Joe Locke and Kit Connor, will be returning for the new chapter of Nick and Charlie's story. It's someone behind the scenes who had been replaced before filming began for the next season.

New Face

Netflix has just confirmed that Euros Lyn, who directed all 16 episodes of Heartstopper, will not be directing Season 3, having been replaced by newcomer Andy Newbery. Lyn has been one of the most sought-after TV directors in recent years, working on such hit projects as Daredevil, Broadchurch, and Happy Valley. However, it was his work on Heartstopper that made him a legit A-lister.

While fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that Netflix had to have let Lyn go to cut costs, seeing how he would have probably commanded a hefty compensation given his status and reputation in the industry, it would appear that that wasn't the real reason the famous series director left the project.

New Opportunities

It's important to note that it can be very demanding for the director to oversee the production of all the episodes in an entire season, as it requires that they focus only on the show they're working on and will have neither time nor energy to pursue other career opportunities.

With the success of Heartstopper, Lyn has become a hot commodity in Hollywood and has found it increasingly difficult to decline offers to direct other much larger and more prestigious projects.

Currently, Lyn is working on the film The Radleys, starring Damien Lewis and Kelly Macdonald, and he is simply too busy to direct new episodes of Heartstopper, which explains why a far less prominent director has been hired as his replacement.

Don't worry; the show won't be any less expensive with the new director at the helm, and hopefully, it will be just as good!