Say Whatever You Want About Frasier Reboot, Kelsey Grammer Is All In for More Seasons

Say Whatever You Want About Frasier Reboot, Kelsey Grammer Is All In for More Seasons
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The legendary actor likes his character's new vibe and the show's ambience.


  • The first season of the rebooted Frasier has failed to impress audiences, even though it is coming to an end.
  • The show's star likes the way the new sitcom is written.
  • It was his intention to make it different from the original show.

It's been a day since episode 8 of Paramount+'s revival of Frasier premiered, which means there are only two episodes to go before the end of the season. So far, the revamped sitcom hasn't exactly been a hit with viewers. For instance, IMDb gives it a moderate 6.8 rating, while the original show received a much more generous 8.2 rating for its eleven seasons.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that fans are doubtful about the possibility of a Frasier renewal. However, it seems that the show's star, Kelsey Grammer, who portrays the titular character, is more optimistic about the future of his own project. He also seems pretty content with where Frasier is headed.

K. Grammer's Perspective on Frasier

While most fans find fault with the revival being different from the original sitcom, the actor is admittedly happy about it. According to him, it was never his intention to pick up where they'd left off two decades ago. The reboot is a 'natural progression for him' and his iconic character and it reflects that by offering a wiser and mellower – changed – version of Frasier.

'[The idea of revamping the sitcom] came up a decade or so later, somebody was saying, "What would Frasier be up to?" And I thought, yeah, that's an interesting idea. And so, it started percolating, maybe a decade ago, honestly about what that could look like. And then Roseanne came back with her show. And I thought that the response to that was so interesting to me,' Kelsey Grammer said in an interview.

Remarkably, the actor believes that the revival of Frasier could continue for another hundred episodes.

'There's enough groundwork laid between these human beings [the new cast]; they are wonderful characters. I want to see where they go. And I want to see what happens to Frasier,' Grammer continued.

Why Is Dr. Crane Different on the New Show?

Apparently, Grammer had a long two decades to reimagine his character and his fate before he approached the reboot. And he carried his new ideas with him to the revamped Frasier.

'My idea always was, maybe we took ourselves a little too seriously as Frasier. It's just about a family and about a character who's still trying to do the world some good. And so, I made a conscious decision that we should try to be a little sillier and not maybe carry that mantle of how precious we were,' Grammer said of his character's new persona.

'And I think I'm very happy about where we ended up. There's something a little more mischievous about the way Fraser approaches things now. And I like it.'

Perhaps, so should we.

Episode 9 of Frasier will premiere on 30 November

Source: Variety.