Sasha Colby's Iconic Hairography Has Fans Convinced She's Poised to Win RuPaul's Season 15

Image credit: MTV

Sasha Colby's legendary dance that we saw in RuPaul's Season 15 provoked heated discussions among Reddit users.

They were surprised not only by the high quality of her performance, but also by the queen’s "hairography". Fans suggest that Sasha’s success could lead her to victory.

The queen's appearance was truly impressive. Fans admired her figure, outfit, and, of course, her hair. "That wig is more secure than the government’s classified files," one of the users said.

According to Redditors, even if the finale has individual talent shows, Sasha will still pull out a win as she's really versatile and creative with the types of performances she does.

Fans called Sasha a solid and well-rounded performer, emphasizing her creativity and raw power. They drew attention to her stage presence, confidence, maturity, elegance, and talent to win. Some also said there is nothing surprising in the fact that Season 15 belongs to Sasha, whose performances can be watched forever.

Users noted the queen's ability to always put a cherry on top of the cake. For example Sasha managed to check her nails while twerking which didn’t go unnoticed.

Colby’s original way of dancing is another of her strong suits. The movements seemed to be always fresh and creative. However, some moments scared the audience: Redditors were surprised that Sasha hadn’t broken her neck while doing "hairography".

It's worth noting that the queen has been working together with Sasha Velour for many years now and both are extremely talented lip-syncers at a very different spectrum of drag performance.

In short, Sasha’s managed to please the audience and strengthen fans’ confidence that she deserves to win.

Some stressed that Sasha's abilities and talent surprised many even before her iconic dance. Perhaps the queen won the whole thing the minute she was cast on the show.

However, such a turn of events could be a little bit too obvious for some fans and won’t cause much delight, since it seems as if the queen is telling the audience, "I won the crown already, and we are continuing the show just because I want that".