Russell Crowe Is Dismayed by the Upcoming Gladiator Sequel, Here's Why

Russell Crowe Is Dismayed by the Upcoming Gladiator Sequel, Here's Why
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The star of Ridley Scott's 2000 classic has spoken out about the new film, which he's not a part of.


  • Ridley Scott's Gladiator is one of the biggest premieres of 2024.
  • Russell Crowe has constructive criticism about some of the new film's details.
  • Nevertheless, the actor is looking forward to Gladiator II.

Last year, two pieces of news broke that delighted movie fans. Two classics were announced to be getting sequels decades after their premieres. Tim Burton was making the second installment of his iconic fantasy horror comedy Beetlejuice, and Ridley Scott was working on the sequel to his legendary historical epic Gladiator.

Starring Russell Crowe, Scott's film follows a Roman general, Maximus, betrayed by his emperor, who orders his family killed and enslaves him to fight in the Colosseum. Now revenge is the only goal in Maximus' life, but first he must earn his freedom, and there's only one way to do that in the arena – become the best.

Gladiator was a massive hit when it was released in 2000, earning more than four times its $103 million budget. Naturally, a sequel was only a matter of time. It will finally hit the big screen in November, telling audiences a new story that doesn't involve Crowe's deceased character. And it seems that the actor is not too happy with Gladiator II. And jealousy isn't the main factor.

Not as Jealous as Critical

In a recent interview, Russell Crowe, who won an Oscar for his performance in Gladiator, revealed that he has fond memories of working with Ridley Scott, who unfortunately didn't get the Best Director award he deserved. As the actor's character Maximus was killed off in the first film, he won't be returning for the sequel. But while he admits to feeling 'a tinge of melancholy and jealousy,' that's not the main reason Russell Crowe is uneasy about the new movie.

'I'm slightly uncomfortable with the fact they're making another one – because, of course, [my character is] dead and I have no say in what gets done. But a couple of the things I've heard, I'm like, "No, no, no, that's not in the moral journey of that particular character,"' the actor explained his feelings.

The Utmost Humility

Ultimately, Russell Crowe is grateful for the many career opportunities Gladiator opened up for him. The actor is also still amazed by Ridley Scott's work. And while Crowe is 'uncomfortable' with the upcoming second installment and the changes to certain character arcs that he disapproves of, he's looking forward to Gladiator II.

Little is known about the new movie, but it's said to focus on the emperor's adult nephew Lucius, now portrayed by Pual Mescal. Presumed dead after being missing for over a decade, the former heir to the Roman throne has a dangerous journey ahead of him as enemies he doesn't know aren't happy about his return.

Gladiator II is scheduled for release on November 22.

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