Rupert Grint Suffered From Illness That Plagued Him on Harry Potter Set For 6 Years

Rupert Grint Suffered From Illness That Plagued Him on Harry Potter Set For 6 Years
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It seems that a busy schedule prevented the actor from properly treating his illness, turning the most famous movies he’s ever appeared in into a major childhood trauma for him.

The story of three young child actors skyrocketing to fame at a very young age is often considered a fairy tale, but it seems that Rupert Grint, who played Ron in the popular wizard saga, didn't exactly enjoy his time making the movies. While the money he earned undoubtedly brought happiness to him and his family, a long illness during those years prevented him from living a full life.

According to Grint himself, he began suffering from a severe case of tonsillitis in 2005 and didn't fully recover until 2010, which made every day feel like a nightmare for him.

While some fans were surprised to learn that the extremely wealthy actor didn't resolve the issue right away, it appears that the reason for such prolonged suffering lies in his production schedule rather than his intentions.

Grint explained that he spent so much time filming Harry Potter that he simply couldn't find enough time to seek treatment, even though the condition made him feel miserable most of the time. Grint jokingly remarked that this extended illness also served another purpose for him, as it became forever associated with his time on the Harry Potter set.

‘They became a metaphor, really. As soon as I finished my work, I got them removed. It was one of the best decisions I ever made,’ Grint said.

Fans were quite disturbed to hear this detail, arguing that it is now nearly impossible to watch a cheerful Ron in these movies without imagining the immense pain the young actor endured to put on a happy face for the camera.

Fortunately, Grint's tonsillitis has never bothered him since, seeing how he had his tonsils removed in the end, and the actor now enjoys a peaceful life with his girlfriend Georgia Groome and their daughter. Although Grint never quite managed to generate the same level of attention after his Harry Potter days, he is at least healthy and content, appearing in several projects every year.

Source: GQ.