RuPaul S15: Should MIB Have Won the Old Lady Girl Group Challenge?

Image credit: MTV

In episode six of RuPaul Drag Race season 15, the contestants were asked to prepare performances with choreography and songs in unlikely genres.

Aura Mayari from Team Metal won the challenge, but the results were called into question by some fans. Mistress Isabelle Brooks was claimed to be one of the most vivid performers, which made viewers wonder whether she could actually become the winner.

Mistress was a member of Team Country that also included Salina, Marcia x3, and Luxx. Initially, Mistress' group was meant to become Team Metal, but things played out differently for them at the end. Despite this, the queen was not at a loss and managed to cope with the task brilliantly.

The expert performer, she was completely immersed in the process, moving steadily and never too quickly during her act.

Perhaps this wasn’t a showy performance, but it certainly was a sturdy and well-calibrated one. It would be unfair to only single out Mistress, as the rest of her team also worked really hard to win the challenge.

At the end, MIB received very positive feedback from the judges, who commended the outstanding quality of her performance. Still, fans were disappointed because Mistress often receives encouraging reviews, but then someone else wins — and this leads her admirers to wonder if their favorite queen is being pushed into the background.

Other impressive performances in the Old Lady Girl Group Challenge also deserve a closer look. In particular, the audience was delighted by Sasha's vocal track and delivery, which overshadowed many other contestants, leaving the open question of whether she was also worthy of winning the contest. Sasha was one of the tops along with MIB and Aura, whose performances were commended by both judges and the audience.

Many participants proved themselves to be strong and talented performers, so the competition turned out to be quite tough.

Even though Mistress Isabel Brooks didn't win this time, fans still show full support for their beloved queen, hoping that she will shine just as bright in future episodes of the show.

The next episode of RuPaul's Drag Race season 15 will be aired on Friday, February 24th.