RuPaul's 5 Contestants That Should Have Been in the Top 3 But Were Robbed

Image credit: MTV, VH1

The iconic reality show has made many drag queens superstars, but some of the contenders have come up short.

RuPaul's reality competition has been firmly embedded in the zeitgeist since it premiered in 2009, with millions eagerly following aspiring drag queens on their way to stardom. The show's panel of judges has always made great decisions as it went about determining the best drag queens among the contestants, but fans are still convinced that some of the contenders who should have been in the top three were robbed of victory.

Here are the five contestants stripped of their top 3 spots:

Elektra Shock

This iconic drag queen has been on everyone's radar since her appearance in the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under, so it was a complete shock to see her drop to fifth place. Elektra acted like a true queen, and her lip-synching performances led some judges to call her the perfect candidate to star in Sia's music videos.

People are still convinced that the whole show was rigged against Elektra from the start, as she was considered the main contender to win from the moment she emerged.

Viñas Deluxe

Drag Race Philippines' biggest star was stripped of her title quite unexpectedly, finishing nowhere near the prize spot many people were certain she would get. Her demise in the competition seems to have been caused by a leg injury: the star even got drunk during one of the performances to dull the pain.

Fans believe that the producers decided to get rid of her to prevent the injury from getting worse.

Yuri Guaii

The star of the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under became an instant hit with viewers thanks to her unusual costumes and perfect lip-syncing, leading many to believe that Yuri could win the Best Queen title.

But it didn't happen, and fans still don't know why pointing out that winner Spankie Jackzon wasn't that much better than Yuri.

Jackie Cox

One of the most popular drag queens failed to win in season 12 of RuPaul's Drag Race, but many fans still argue that Cox should have been allowed to compete in the finals after the disqualification of one of the other contestants. The decision not to give Cox another chance still feels like one of the show's biggest mistakes.

Denali Foxx

This season 13 contender washed out after losing her lip sync battle to Olivia Lux, but fans are still outraged about it, claiming that Denali was treated unfairly. Given Denali's flamboyant personality and her fine performances in the trials, people think sending her home so early was a huge mistake and that she should have made it into the top 3.