Royal Beauty on a Budget: 8 Beauty Secrets Inspired by Princess Diana

Royal Beauty on a Budget: 8 Beauty Secrets Inspired by Princess Diana
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A royal makeover: how to get Princess Diana's stunning look at home.

Healthy eating is better than dieting

Princess Diana's diet was revealed after her death by royal chef Darren McGrady. He left Buckingham Palace to cook for her after her divorce from Prince Charles. Darren says that in her quest for healthy eating, Diana stayed far away from carbs and red meat.

Skin-care routine

Not all women have the patience for a meticulous skin-care routine on a daily basis. But not Princess Diana — she cleaned, toned and moisturized her skin twice a day. And the results were astounding!

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Years before essential oils became popular, Princess Diana was already enjoying all the benefits of aromatherapy. It's how Lady Di always looked so calm and poised in the face of stress.

The right perfume

Not only did Princess Diana look great, she also wore only the fragrances that suited her best. That is why she always left a lasting impression on everyone who knew her personally.

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Royal etiquette required Diana to wear nude lipstick. However, the Princess of Wales occasionally broke this rule, recognizing that some events and outfits called for more vibrant shades of color.

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Cheeks under control

Contouring is a delicate art. But Princess Diana was always brilliant at it. First, she would carefully blend in her cheekbones, then apply a neutral blush to the apples of her cheeks. Then, using a large brush, she applied a warm bronzer to the outer edges of her face.

Eye make-up

There is no doubt that bright eye makeup is the right choice for certain occasions. But in everyday life, a more natural look is better. So that's why Diana would use only brown or black eyeliner. The whole world fell in love with this look.

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Moisturize your skin

Princess Diana was followed by paparazzi for a long time. She got used to the fact that she always had to look good. And that is simply impossible without properly moisturizing your skin. That is why she used special products before applying makeup. Thanks to this, Lady Di's skin never looked bad under makeup.