Rock Legend Unmasked as The Doll Didn't Believe Masked Singer Will Work

Rock Legend Unmasked as The Doll Didn't Believe Masked Singer Will Work
Image credit: Legion-Media, Fox

The Twisted Sister frontman revealed that he could have appeared on the show a long time ago.

Fox's The Masked Singer tweaked its winning formula for the current season nine, allowing stars to appear for just one night without committing to multiple performances.

Thanks to this, huge celebrities like Howie Mandel, Michael Bolton, and Dick Van Dyke were able to drop by for a quick show, delighting fans with their masked appearances.

However, it looks like the recently unmasked Dee Snider was asked to perform on the show much earlier, but he turned down the invitation for a hilarious reason.

The Twisted Sister frontman performed Elvis Presley's 'Jailhouse Rock' dressed as a doll and in a drag costume. The judges and the audience alike were shocked to learn that the iconic heavy metal singer was hiding behind this strange costume, and Snider recently revealed some more interesting information to fans:

'Well, actually, to tell a secret, I was asked season one to be on the show. And I said, "No, this show will never work." Nine seasons later, they said, "Will you be on it now?" "Yes, I'll be on it now",' Snider told Entertainment Weekly.

It seems that the star didn't see the potential in The Masked Singer before its release and refused to humiliate himself by dressing up in a weird costume and singing on national television. While fans make fun of Snider for not seeing the upside of his involvement in the show, they still admire the singer for admitting his mistakes.

People are also glad that Snider agreed to dress up as a doll, praising his performance as one of the best this season. However, for some inexplicable reason, he was still forced to unmask, even though everyone, including Snider himself, was absolutely sure that he would survive to sing another song in the next episode. The fans are obviously disappointed and blame the judges and producers for ruining the season by sending the doll Snider home.

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 9 will arrive on Fox on April 12, 2023.