Reddit Picks Best The Rookie Season and the Result Isn't Surprising at All

Image credit: ABC

Fans picked the best season out of five, and it's a pretty obvious choice.

The ABC series about the life of John Nolan, the oldest recruit in LAPD history, was a pleasure to watch from the start – the idea of a 40-year-old man entering the service, trying to conquer his demons and overcome his mid-life crisis by putting his life on the line sounded like the perfect recipe for either great drama or comedy.

Thankfully, the series has become both, with Nathan Fillion being one of the most versatile actors working in television today.

The Rookie has been on the air for 5 years now, and fans on Reddit decided to find out which season was the most exciting.

According to a poll conducted on Reddit, the first season was chosen as the best.

And that's no surprise – the first seasons are frequently chosen as fan-favorites for many shows other than The Rookie, as the time when viewers get to see their beloved characters for the first time is very precious for many. So, the series' fandom choosing the season in which they saw Nolan, Chen and Bradford for the first time is understandable.

The very basics of the series were introduced in the first season – Nolan was still a rookie then, and his hilarious altercations with the senior officers really made fans fall in love with him. In the current fifth season, Nolan trains the new recruits himself, which of course is a bit distressing for many fans who remember him in a very different role.

Apart from the changes in Nolan's personality, the new seasons are inferior to the first one in terms of the quality of the plot – while in the first season Nolan felt like a real protagonist, in the fifth he is completely sidelined in favor of other characters and makes no contribution to the main plot.

Fans miss the times when Nolan was at the center of things, so that is the reason the first season is once again being discussed as the best part of The Rookie.