Reddit Has Spoken: Should You Watch the Teen Wolf Movie?

Reddit Has Spoken: Should You Watch the Teen Wolf Movie?
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Fans argue if the movie spin-off is an unnecessary cash grab or a must-watch expansion to the original series.

After it arrived on MTV in 2011, Teen Wolf firmly established itself as the perfect mystery teen show. The story of Scott McCall, a young werewolf protecting his friends and family from supernatural villains, garnered a huge fandom and became one of the most talked-about shows of the mid-2010s.

Despite its tremendous success, the series was canceled in 2017 after six seasons, leaving fans with no hope of a sequel.

Recently, Paramount+ created a spin-off feature film that takes place years after the events in the original story. Following the release of Teen Wolf: The Movie in January 2023, people held a heated discussion and poll on Reddit, debating whether or not the movie should be watched by every fan of the series.

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The general agreement was that the film is worth watching at least once. As some Redditors put it, no one was expecting a brilliant picture from Paramount+ because the original series wasn't brilliant either. It was a well-written and well-acted show appreciated mostly for its atmosphere and funny characters rather than great camerawork or Emmy-worthy performances.

Teen Wolf: The Movie repeated this formula quite well, providing the audience with new details about their favorite characters' later lives.

However, fans should be a little cautious when watching the movie since it deviates greatly from one of the original show's best storylines: many viewers were disappointed by the fact that, in the film, Allison Argent comes back to life as a result of some poorly written magical ritual. Allison's tragic death at the end of season three has always saddened fans, but no one thought the writers might resurrect the character, thus ruining her entire storyline.

Overall, Teen Wolf: The Movie was positively received by fans, who described it as an unnecessary but welcome addition to the series' canon. People agree it's a nice update on the show's characters, so you should certainly watch it if you've missed Scott and his friends all these years.