Real-Life Beef Robert Pattinson Had With His Harry Potter Character

Real-Life Beef Robert Pattinson Had With His Harry Potter Character
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It looks like the actor hated his own character.

The Harry Potter film series was not only one of the most acclaimed and financially successful franchises in recent Hollywood history, but it was also a perfect place for young actors to launch their careers. People like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Tom Felton all benefited from this exposure, but another actor managed to capitalize on his involvement in the wizarding saga even better than these household names.

We are referring, of course, to Robert Pattinson, who began his Hollywood career in the fourth Harry Potter film before securing the role of Edward in the Twilight saga. However, it seems that the character that first made him famous, Sedric Diggory, is pretty much hated by Pattinson. Here's why.

An obnoxious jock

Though fans of J.K. Rowling's books often cite Diggory as one of the best characters the author ever created, the actor only agreed to take on the role because of his career, not because he was interested in playing the character. On the contrary, Pattinson revealed that he loathed Diggory as a person ever since he read the original book, as he came across more like a narcissistic jock than the hero fans thought he was.

Moreover, the actor said that he hated people like Diggory when he was growing up, as he was a rather quiet and introverted kid who was never considered the top of his class like Diggory was.

'I used to hate everybody like Cedric at my school. I was never a leader and the idea of my being made head boy would have been a complete joke. I wasn't involved in much at school, and I was never picked for any of the teams,' Pattinson said.

Yes, it looks like Pattinson will never ever agree to play such a character again, as playing jocks like Diggory don’t help him achieve anything, and simply make him feel bad about himself.

Still, fans are not shaming Pattinson for sharing his opinion on the character, as he has managed to nail Diggory's portrayal while loathing him at the same time.

Source: Robert Pattinson: The Unauthorized Biography by Virginia Blackburn.