Pretty Woman Star Offers Exciting Theory About Characters' Present

Pretty Woman Star Offers Exciting Theory About Characters' Present
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If a sequel were made today, it would be much more empowering for women.


  • Pretty Woman is one of the most famous and successful romantic comedies in the history of cinema.
  • The main characters' present would be very different from the tone of the film.
  • The PW stars worked together on another project after the film.

It's been over thirty-three years since the premiere of perhaps the most iconic rom-com – Pretty Woman. Released in 1990, the film was an instant hit, winning over audiences around the world and becoming the fourth highest-grossing film of its time with a staggering $463 million box office gross. And as controversial as its premise is, PW remains one of the most popular romance stories ever told.

Following Edward Lewis, a successful corporate raider played by Richard Gere, Pretty Woman explores an unlikely love story between the man and a low-tier Hollywood sex worker portrayed by Julia Roberts. As the two characters get to know each other, they eventually fall in love, which culminates in the scene where Edward, like a knight in shining armor, takes Vivian away from the squalor in which she lives. They get married and live happily ever after. But what could their lives be like now?

Julia Roberts on the Pretty Woman Characters' Present

While Edward and Vivian were blissful at the end of Pretty Woman and it seemed they would be happy together for the rest of their lives, a lot could have changed in thirty-three years. So when Julia Roberts was recently asked about the characters' lives after the end of the fan-favorite romance, the star gave a somewhat gruesome, albeit exciting, answer.

'Let's hope they're still together and they have a bunch of cute little kiddos,' the actress said.

In general, however, Roberts wasn't very optimistic about Edward and Vivian's gift. Besides, the fairy-tale bliss of Pretty Woman is long gone.

'I think he passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling. And now she runs his business,' the PW star added.

Though it sounds sad, it's a perfect modern sequel for the beloved film – more female-centric and empowering, rather than exploiting the traditional and patronizing knight-in-shining-armor trope.

Roberts and Gere's Other Characters' Fate

Remarkably, the Pretty Woman leads collaborated on another famous romcom, Runaway Bride, in which they portrayed another enamored couple. According to Roberts, Maggie and Ike's present is much lighter, as the two characters are still happy together – both are alive – and continue to carry their magical love for each other through whatever difficulties come their way.

As for Pretty Woman's Edward and Vivian, Julia Roberts' theory made us long for a sequel.

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