Page to Screen Fails: 5 Weird Changes Harry Potter Movies Made From Books

Page to Screen Fails: 5 Weird Changes Harry Potter Movies Made From Books
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We all know and love the enchanting universe that J.K. Rowling created, but as any dedicated Potterhead will tell you, the journey from page to screen wasn't without its fair share of hiccups.

5. Not Much School for a School

The arguable main plot point of Harry Potter is the young wizard and his classmates learning all about magic. The books go into a wonderful amount of detail on this, demonstrating many classes and how the students learned a myriad of spells. But in the films, fans have pointed out that Harry and the other students do not seem to spend much time in class. The lessons are glossed over at best, which Potterheads feel takes away from the core of the story.

4. The First Awesome Fight Scene Is Gone

Harry's main antagonist in the first few films is clearly Draco Malfoy. But fans have noticed a strange and very large difference between the boys becoming enemies in the books and the films. In the book, Draco seeks Harry out on the train to Hogwarts, wanting to be friends with him purely because he is famous. This flawed motivation plus Malfoy making some nasty comments about Harry's new friend, Ron leads to the first fight scene in the movie. Harry and Draco coming to blows. It sets the scene for a rivalry that will last for six more books, but the movies watered this down to simply a brief, heated conversation.

3. Changing the Quidditch Rules

Back to Quidditch, fans have noticed something else that is staggeringly between the books and films. In the books, it is established that catching the golden snitch is worth 150 points. But in the first film, Oliver Wood tells Harry that catching the golden snitch means winning the match. This is not technically accurate as the other team could be leading by more than 150 points when the snitch is caught. Another very strange difference.

2. The Marauders Are Barely Mentioned

The legendary map, which is activated by the user solemnly swearing they are up to no good, was said to be authored by "The Marauders" in the films. But it is only the most observant viewer who will be able to conclude their identity. The books leave us in no doubt and make it obvious The Marauders are Harry's father, James Potter (Prongs), his godfather, Sirius Black (Padfoot), and their dear friends Remus Lupin (Moony), and Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail). Fans hear snippets of The Marauders, but the crucial link between Harry's present and past is missed entirely.

1. Voldemort's Death

The epic climax is not just a change from the books. It is a disaster that missed the entire point of Harry's story completely and sacrificed the ending that should have been for an excuse to use special effects. The book showed Harry defeating Voldemort with words. With the truth. With a staggering speech about why he could never lose because of the love his mother gave him, and that was the only magic he ever needed to wield to win. Voldemort dies, sad, broken, and before the eyes of all of Hogwarts. The film has them battling alone, shooting magic at one another until eventually Voldemort literally disintegrates into nothing. Fans wonder, does everyone just believe Harry when he returns and tells them all the Dark Lord is dead and there is nothing left of him?