Outlander Lost Its Intensity, Looks Like a Basic Hallmark Drama Now

Outlander Lost Its Intensity, Looks Like a Basic Hallmark Drama Now
Image credit: STARZ

Fans are seriously questioning whether future seasons of Outlander will be worth watching.

Starz's adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's time-traveling books was an instant hit in 2014, as viewers marveled at the series' fantastical atmosphere, which combined an exciting love story between Claire and Jamie with some beautifully shot Scottish landscapes and well-choreographed action set pieces.

But ever since the show left Albion's shores for the New World, fans have been complaining about a sudden drop in quality. Here's why.

First of all, the moment Claire and Jamie reunited in North America and started living together, the series just lost its direction.

All the previous seasons, Jamie and Claire had been fighting to be together, doing everything in their power to spend the rest of their lives in each other's company. When they reunited, all of that suspense was thrown out the window, and fans were forced to follow their normal lives together instead of being constantly on the edge as they had been before.

Secondly, Outlander started to look like a cheap Hallmark drama, as the sets and costumes were uninspired and badly made in season six. Fans had already gotten used to the show looking stunning in the first seasons, so it was heartbreaking to see such a drop in quality.

Besides the cheap sets, Outlander's narrative also began to resemble the stories of Hallmark movies, as the current relationship between Clair and Jamie is not only pointless but also ridiculous.

The two characters have simply outgrown each other, and fans notice that and demand that the writers either break the couple up or bring something exciting to their relationship. And if they don't do that, the next season of Outlander may also feel like a daytime soap opera, with convoluted subplots, uninspired acting, and ridiculously cheap sets.

However, some viewers still defend the show, arguing that COVID-19 restrictions really ruined the production of season six and forced the producers to shoot it in a hurry.

Perhaps the upcoming seventh season will correct the mistakes of its predecessor and make Outlander worth watching again.