Out of Stranger Things Cast, Who's Got the Best Chance at Stardom?

Out of Stranger Things Cast, Who's Got the Best Chance at Stardom?
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The hit show is certain to produce a superstar.

When Netflix's Stranger Things first premiered in 2016, no one anticipated its massive success. Most people chose to watch it primarily because of Winona Ryder's supporting role. However, the show exploded in popularity almost instantly, making Ryder and David Harbour relevant once more while catapulting Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard to fame.

It has since become evident that Wolfhard's fame might be somewhat exaggerated, given his lack of substantial success outside of Stranger Things. Conversely, Brown has started to appear in major films. However, fans remain skeptical of her superstar status, as all her significant films have been Netflix productions, making it difficult to assess her box office potential.

Rising Star

That being said, the cast of Stranger Things, comprised of young actors, is nothing short of exceptional, and there's likely to be at least one genuine superstar among them. While there are numerous potential candidates, the consensus currently is that only one actress has the real potential to make it big in Hollywood and solidify her legacy, and that actress is Sadie Sink.

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Sink joined the show in its second season and quickly became one of the most beloved cast members. Most fans consider her portrayal of Max in Season 4 the best performance in the show's history.

That, coupled with her recent critical acclaim in Darren Aronofsky's The Whale, has positioned her as one of the most promising rising stars in the industry. Her upcoming film schedule certainly attests to this.

Bright Future

Currently, Sink has two films in production: Berlin Nobody, where she stars alongside Eric Bana as a survivor of an abusive cult, and O'Dessa, an intriguing tale about a young girl who journeys to a peculiar city in search of her true love.

Both projects appear promising, and fans are pleased to see Sink striking out on her own to advance her career instead of relying on Netflix to bolster her resume, like Brown.