Out of All Dance with Dragons Characters, This One Would be the Best Ruler

Out of All Dance with Dragons Characters, This One Would be the Best Ruler
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One of the best candidates for the Iron Throne has yet to appear on the show, and fans are already dying to see him.

Set some 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, the new HBO series premiered last year, plunging fans once again into the depths of George R. R. Martin's ingenious fiction, full of gray morality and devious intrigue.

The story of the bloody struggle between two branches of House Targaryen resonated deeply with the audience, but some still felt that the pretenders to the Iron Throne left much to be desired.

Aegon II and Rhaenyra both aspired to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but as their actions proved them unworthy of the crown, fans expressed support for another character from the original book series.

According to a Reddit discussion, people think that Daeron Targaryen, the youngest son of King Viserys, could be the best ruler on the Iron Throne.

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Fans claim that the Prince's kind character and his love for all people, regardless of their lineage, make him a perfect fit for the crown. What's more, Daeron is a talented warrior, an outstanding dragon rider, and a very intelligent man. In Martin's Fire & Blood, the character played a significant role, fighting alongside his uncle Aegon and becoming a prominent member of the Greens.

Even though Daeron fought on the side of the villains, he never succumbed to their atrocities, refusing to spill the blood of the innocent. Even Princess Rhaenyra, also a righteous character, can't boast the same as she incinerated dozens of innocent people during Aegon II's coronation in the season one finale.

In the original book, Daeron died without ever getting the crown, despite being first in line after the death of his older brothers. However, as the series has already deviated from the source material, viewers believe the Prince has the chance to become king.

HBO has not yet decided on an actor to portray Daeron, and it looks like they need to make their best choice as fans are getting impatient to see their beloved character finally appear in live action.