Our 5 Clues About Masked Singer's Tiki Identity (Spoiler: It's a Rock Star)

Our 5 Clues About Masked Singer's Tiki Identity (Spoiler: It's a Rock Star)
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Will these five be enough to convince you?

It's only been two days since another episode of season 10 of The Masked Singer aired, but it's still everything fans can talk about. The Harry Potter themed fifth week episode of TMS was indeed phenomenal, revealing Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey as Hawk after he was eliminated by vote. The actor faced stiff competition from Tiki, who rocked the stage with his electrifying performance of Pilot's Magic.

While Tiki remained on the show, he is still at risk of being eliminated in the following episodes. Given his powerhouse performances on TMS, viewers are dying to know who is behind the mask. But as of now, we can only guess. Fortunately, the contestant has given us ample clues to conclude that he's famous rock star, Sebastian Bach.

Millions of Records Sold

During his round of clue-giving, Tiki revealed that he dreamed of becoming a rock star as a child. Sebastian Bach auditioned for his first band, Kid Wikkid, at the age of fourteen. He was later invited to join Skid Row, where he rose to fame and eventually sold millions of records.

Troubled Past

According to Tiki, he wasn't the nicest person at the beginning of his career. He was 'a stiff drink with a loose mouth,' which often got him into trouble. In turn, Sebastian Bach has been involved in a number of controversies, the most prominent of which has to do with him wearing a homophobic T-shirt with an AIDS-related slogan.

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Among many features of Tiki's clues clip, there was a skull that, in our opinion, is a direct reference to the genre of Sebastian Bach's music. Skid Row was a hard rock band. As a rule of thumb, such groups employ all kinds of morbid symbols – take Kiss, for instance.

Dancing Monkey

Another noteworthy feature from Tiki's clues video is an ape donning a birthday hat. Sebastian Bach's Skid Row released a track titled Monkey Business in 1991.

Alarm Clock Saying 'Snooze'

This argument might sound a bit far-fetched, but given that the clock was featured in the foreground of the video, it must be of paramount importance to understanding who's wearing the Tiki mask. Sebastian Bach was named after a famous German composer whose works are now used in all sorts of electronics, including electrical clocks – as alarm ringtones that you can snooze.

Anyway, we'll have to wait and see who's behind the Tiki mask. Perhaps the revelation will come in the next episode, scheduled for November 1.

Source: YouTube.