Only 3 New Netflix Shows Managed to Score 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

Only 3 New Netflix Shows Managed to Score 100% on Rotten Tomatoes
Image credit: Netflix

Critics weigh in.

In spite of all the issues that are happening on the Hollywood scene today, the culture of the streaming services is ensuring that our screens are flooded with new content. Netflix alone is adding scores of new titles from all over the world to its library on a weekly basis.

But which of these shows are really worth watching? There are so many of them, it's impossible to binge them all. Fortunately, we have several rating systems to help us navigate the sea of content.

For example, let's take a look at which new Netflix shows are recommended by critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Lupin (Season 3)

The series about the gentleman thief based on the iconic character created by Maurice Leblanc in the early 20th century has had some production difficulties, with the third season arriving last week, almost two and a half years after the second.

But according to critics on Rotten Tomatoes, it was worth the wait. In the new installment, Omar Sy's Assane Diop deals with being framed for murder and the decision to leave France for good. But his plans are interrupted by the ghosts of the past.

Castlevania: Nocturne (Season 1)

The new adult animated series, which debuted on Netflix on September 28 and has already been renewed for another season, is based on the eponymous video game series and set in the same universe as the fan-favorite Castlevania.

The story takes viewers to an alternate France in 1792, where sorceresses, vampires, demons, and other supernatural creatures exist. In an attempt to stop the French Revolution, the aristocracy forms a new cult around a so-called Vampire Messiah.

To fight the eternal darkness that the cult has unleashed upon the world, a Caribbean sorceress, young vampire hunter, and revolutionary leader take up the fight against evil.

Dear Child (limited series)

Since premiering on Netflix on September 7th, Dear Child has been receiving rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. Everything about the six-episode German mystery thriller, based on the international bestselling book by Romy Hausmann, is harrowing but impossible to put down.

The dark case of a family held captive for years by an unknown monster is linked to a 13-year-old missing persons case. As new details in this web of secrets emerge with each new development, the watch becomes even more unnerving and somewhat thrilling. A worthy feast for all mystery fans.