One of the Most Hated MCU Actors Nearly Became a TBBT Star

One of the Most Hated MCU Actors Nearly Became a TBBT Star
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You won't believe which Marvel star almost got the part of one of TBBT's most recognizable characters.

There are times when actors become totally synonymous with their iconic roles, making it nearly impossible to envision anyone else in the part. However, one Marvel star who has received much criticism since her introduction into the MCU, has announced she auditioned for one of the most popular characters on the biggest sitcom of the decade.

What is most surprising is not only did this actress audition, but she revealed she almost got the part as well!

Why is Brie Larson the most hated actor in the MCU?

Before diving into her near brush with TBBT, let's address the elephant in the room - why is Brie Larson often perceived as the most unpopular actress in the MCU? Her consistent support for diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry is the answer. Her openly vocal stance on social issues, including gender and racial equality, has polarized fans. Others have also felt she has been too overtly political for a superhero role, leading to continuing backlash against her.

For example, Larson's statements about increasing diversity in the press pool covering Captain Marvel didn't sit well with some corners of the internet. However, it's essential to note that while some dislike the actress, others have resonated more positively with her views.

The part she almost got in TBBT

During a personal video on her YouTube channel, Larson shared her experience auditioning for many well-known movies throughout her career, reeling off a long list showcasing her sheer determination to break into the industry. After recounting many missed opportunities, she ends on an unexpected bombshell - her close encounter auditioning for TBBT.

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In the video, Larson names the sitcom as she places her head in her hands. "Oh my gosh," she says, clearly reliving the distress of nearly securing such a big part. However, not only does the actress reveal her attempt for the role, she states that she even reached the final round of auditions.

What could have been for Brie?

Although Brie Larson remains tight-lipped about the character she auditioned for on the show or any further details, it's safe to assume that she was in the running for the role of Penny, the lovable neighbor portrayed perfectly by Kaley Cuoco. Though the very thought of anyone else playing Penny now seems unimaginable, considering Larson's close call, we can only wonder how she might have interpreted the character differently.

TBBT went on to become one of the most popular and enduring sitcoms in television history, spanning 12 seasons and must have felt like quite the missed opportunity for her at the time. However, Larson's close call with the show also coincided with her subsequent rise to fame as Captain Marvel in 2019. So, while she may not have won the part of Penny, in a parallel universe, she may have missed her chance as Captain Marvel, a turning point in her career, had she got the role.

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