One Crucial Change From the Books Made Virgin River Infinitely Better

One Crucial Change From the Books Made Virgin River Infinitely Better
Image credit: Netflix

It's no secret that countless popular television shows have been adapted from books, and Virgin River is no exception.

Based on a beloved 20-book series of romance novels written by Robyn Carr, the show, which premiered in 2019, has captured the hearts of millions of readers with its small-town charm and heartwarming love stories.

But as with any book-to-screen adaptation, there are bound to be some differences. While some of those changes may be for the worse, many are certainly for the best. And there's one crucial modification from the original novels that has actually made the show infinitely better.

Like all romance novels, the focus of the story is the romantic bond between the main characters and all the obstacles they have to overcome together - and the TV adaptation not only doesn't disappoint in this department, it actually makes the portrayal of romance more enjoyable.

From the Mel, Charmaine, and Jack love triangle to the rekindling of Hope and Doc's relationship, the show is filled with touching and sometimes complicated love stories. But what sets the series apart from the book is that the romance is less clichéd. Although some may consider the show soapy, fans insist that the books are cringier in comparison.

Many fans have pointed out that in the novels, the constant emphasis on Mel's tiny size and Jack's habit of picking her up and carrying her around made the overall reading experience underwhelming.

Some have also expressed that the portions where Jack and Mel get intimate, read "like a grocery list."

When it comes to the show, on the other hand, fans were pleasantly surprised. They found that the depiction was more true-to-life yet still romantic, the chemistry between the leading couple was conveyed much better, the supporting characters were well-developed, and the storylines went beyond just romance.

Fans of the book series may have been skeptical about the adaptation initially. However, it's clear that the show's more realistic approach to the romantic storylines has made for a much better viewing experience than the novels.