Nolan's Oppenheimer is Not What You Think It is, Says Emily Blunt

Nolan's Oppenheimer is Not What You Think It is, Says Emily Blunt
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If you're not a big fan of biopics and were thinking of skipping the new Nolan, think again.

The star-studded cast and legendary reputation of its creator are not the only reasons to be excited about Oppenheimer, according to Emily Blunt. The actress, who plays the wife of the central character in the upcoming Christopher Nolan film, sat down with Total Film magazine to talk about her role and involvement in the project. And it looks like even the script, written by the iconic film auteur, has given her goosebumps.

'The script was so emotional, and it reads like a thriller. It's almost like [Nolan] Trojan-Horsed a biopic into a thriller,' Blunt said (via SYFY). 'It's really pulse-racing, the whole thing. I was completely arrested by the story, the portrait of this man, and, I guess, the trauma of a brain like that.'

Nolan's new story is based on Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin's award-winning 2005 book American Prometheus, which follows the life of the 'father of the atomic bomb,' J. Robert Oppenheimer. The movie will focus on Oppenheimer's involvement in the Manhattan Project during World War II and the race to make the first nuclear weapon.

Blunt plays Kitty Oppenheimer, the wife, collaborator and moral support of the famous physicist, portrayed in the film by Cillian Murphy.

'[Kitty] was a pretty monumental presence in his life as a confidante, and as a real scientific brain herself,' the actress commented on her role. 'But she was, you know, a very big personality. Not necessarily one to confirm to a housewife ideal of the time. A very big character.'

While the description may make the film feel like your standard biopic, Blunt insists it is much more than that.

'I wouldn't just call this movie a biopic. This is a pulse-racing thriller — a big event movie. It's an overwhelming experience. I felt like my bones would shatter watching it,' she said.

Add to that glowing recommendation Christopher Nolan's usual attention to detail, the use of practical effects instead of computer graphics — and Oppenheimer feels like a must-watch. But then again, what Nolan project doesn't?

The new movie is scheduled for release on July 21, 2023.

Source: SYFY.