No Tom Hardy for You: 6 Actors Have Zero Chance Becoming Next Bond

No Tom Hardy for You: 6 Actors Have Zero Chance Becoming Next Bond
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The new information eliminates a lot of competitors for the role of 007.

Ever since Daniel Craig left the role of James Bond after No Time To Die, the whole world has been waiting for producer Barbara Broccoli to announce who will be the next agent 007. However, almost three years have passed since then and the producers continue to remain silent on the identity of Craig's successor.

With names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill being thrown around, it's hard for fans to contain their excitement, but it looks like one person with first-hand knowledge just put a stop to a lot of the rumors.

Author Charlie Higson, who is currently writing the James Bond novels, recently spoke about the next actor to play James Bond and revealed that most of the current candidates have probably already been rejected by the producers. The role of James Bond is one of the most closely guarded secrets in Hollywood, and the final casting choice is meant to surprise fans.

'Eon, who make the films, play their cards very close to their chest and a lot of times they really surprise people. In particular, Daniel Craig — nobody had any idea at all that he might be Bond and if you'd been asked in advance, you'd have said, "Daniel Craig, James Bond? Surely not",' Higson said.

So it looks like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, James Norton, and Richard Madden are already out of the running, if Higson's reading of the situation is to be believed. Perhaps Broccoli is indeed trying to keep the actor's true identity a secret ahead of a surprise reveal, not minding that some big-name actors are frequently mentioned in the media as the next James Bond.

But even with this idea in mind, it's impossible to believe that the future James Bond hasn't already been mentioned in the press, simply because there aren't many British actors who fit the description for the role. Perhaps Outlander's Sam Heughan is the most sensible option, as he is the least popular of the names mentioned above but also fitting to become the next Agent 007.

Source: The Telegraph.