Newest Young Sheldon Season 7 Update Proves The Show's Fate Still Uncertain

Newest Young Sheldon Season 7 Update Proves The Show's Fate Still Uncertain
Image credit: CBS

The beloved show is still far away from returning.

Though many people were skeptical of the idea of CBS producing an entire series based on Sheldon Cooper's young years, fearing that the network was simply trying to capitalize on the success of The Big Bang Theory without caring about quality, Young Sheldon proved to be a compelling and rewarding show the moment it debuted in 2017.

Six seasons later, YS is still going strong, with fans invested in the Coopers' family story far more than they ever were in the original show, as the prequel proved to be much more complex than its predecessor. However, young Sheldon still faces a few bumps in the road.

A huge delay

We are referring, of course, to the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that severely delayed the production of the seventh and seemingly final season of Young Sheldon, as both actors and writers were prohibited from working on it.

Fortunately, the WGA strike is finally over, and the writers have already resumed work on the new season, plotting the show's final chapter. Unfortunately, there's no way the season will be ready for release this year, with the summer or even fall of 2024 looking like the most reasonable timeframe for the series' return. But even with the writers' room back at work, fans are still worried about Young Sheldon's future, and here's why.

Will the show end after Season 7?

Although TBBT's canon and the overall narrative of Young Sheldon suggests that the upcoming season will be the last, as Sheldon will move to Germany to pursue his scientific career. However, given that Season 6 had the best ratings in its history, CBS might actually try to renew Young Sheldon for future seasons despite the canon, which could really ruin the show.

Although fans would love to see more of the Coopers, Young Sheldon can't possibly survive without Sheldon in the picture, so fans would be more than happy if CBS will decide to launch another spin-off with Georgie in the center instead of dragging the main show just for the sake of ratings.