Netflix's 2 Hearts Based on Not One but Two True Stories: Here's Everything We Know

Netflix's 2 Hearts Based on Not One but Two True Stories: Here's Everything We Know
Image credit: Netflix

Sometimes real life is too melodramatic for critics' tastes.

When it came out in 2020, the romantic drama 2 Hearts remained pretty much unnoticed, most likely because the theaters were closed due to the COVID pandemic, but enjoyed a surge in popularity after its recent release on Netflix.

The audience has apparently liked the touching story of two couples, where one of the protagonists, Jorge, is saved with a lung transplant from Chris and finds his late donor's family and girlfriend to thank them. However, critics mostly found 2 Hearts disappointing, claiming that it is too much of a tearjerker.

But, surprisingly, the events in the movie aren't made up, as the plot is actually based on not one, but two real-life stories!

In fact, the whole story is based on a book written by Eric Gregory, the father of real-life Chris, whose lung was used to save Jorge, suffering from an incurable lung condition. All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant and Hope, published in 2017, tells about Eric dealing with his grief and how he found strength to overcome it thanks to five people who received his son's transplanted organs.

One of those people was Jorge Bacardi, a rich Cuban exile who suffered from a lung disease, which threatened to quickly kill him and could only be treated through a double lung transplant. By the time of Chris' death, he was desperately waiting for a match.

Finding a lung transplant is not an easy task, as very few deaths (most of which result from accidents and the like) fit the criteria. As Chris was found to be brain-dead but his body was otherwise healthy, his lungs were suitable for Jorge.

After the surgery, Jorge Bacardi contacted Chris' family and they remained in touch until he passed away 12 years later — just 23 days before 2 Hearts was released in cinemas.

But the wonderful lung transplant story isn't the only way 2 Hearts stays close to real life. As it turns out, Chris' relationship with Sam is not an entirely fictional plotline, as his girlfriend is based on Chris' real-life love interest and fellow student, Jenn. Their on-screen story follows the events in the lives of Chris and Jenn as the two were college sweethearts and also dreamed of building their future together, but their plans were never meant to come true.

So however unbelievable and 'sappy' the film's story seems to be at first glance, it actually presents the viewers with just as much drama as there was in real life. Check out 2 Hearts on Netflix — now that you know the background, it will sure make you cry.