Money Wasn't the Reason Rick Moranis Didn't Appear in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Ernie Hudson Says

Money Wasn't the Reason Rick Moranis Didn't Appear in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Ernie Hudson Says
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The Winston actor said Moranis was offered more money than he was, but turned it down anyway.


  • Ghostbuster: Frozen Empire is one of the biggest releases of the year.
  • Rick Moranis played fan favorite Louis Tully in the original Ghostbusters.
  • The actor was asked to make a cameo appearance in the new film.

Although 2024 is a post-strike year, it has seen a number of high-profile releases, including Dune: Part Two, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, and Kung Fu Panda 4. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is also on the list of the year's most notable premieres.

The fourth installment in the Ghostbusters saga proved popular with audiences upon its wide release. Focusing on the new generation of Ghostbusters, the Spengler family, Frozen Empire follows them on their journey to New York City, the place where it all began, to team up with some of the original characters to stop the outbreak of paranormal entities in our realm. Not all of the original Ghostbusters characters returned for the new movie, however.

Louis Tully Is Missing from Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Although Rick Moranis' character was not part of the Ghostbusting team, he was one of the ultimate fan favorites of the two original films. Dana Barrett's awkward neighbor and later the team's accountant, Louis Tully, charmed audiences with his underdog appeal, so it is no surprise that people wanted to see him in the new movie.

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According to Ernie Hudson, who played Winston Zeddemore, the fourth original Ghostbuster, Rick Moranis and his character should be given credit for the success of the first two films. But sadly, he is nowhere to be found in Frozen Empire, even though, as it turns out, he received a lucrative offer to reprise his iconic role.

Tout l'Or du Monde

Apparently, Rick Moranis couldn't be motivated financially and it was his personal decision to turn down the offer.

'I talked to Ivan Reitman [the director of the original films] before he transitioned, who I know had spent a lot of time trying to convince Rick. I know that the other guys have talked to him, and I'm not sure why. He just said no,' Ernie Hudson said in a recent interview.

Rick Moranis' last acting role in a movie was in 1997's Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. Since then, the actor has done voiceover work on a few animated movies, like Brother Bear, but hasn't appeared on the big screen per se, working mainly on television. And it seems that all the money in the world couldn't convince him to make a cameo in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

'I know they offered him more money than they offered me. And if I thought going to his house would make a difference, I'd be there. Because I'd love to see [Rick]. And not just in Ghostbusters, but I just think he's an amazing talent. I would love to see him working, but obviously, it was a personal choice,' Ernie Hundson added.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire ended up making $195 million at the box office against a budget of $100.

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