Mission Impossible 7 is Now Officially a Flop, Looks To Lose $100 Million

Mission Impossible 7 is Now Officially a Flop, Looks To Lose $100 Million
Image credit: Legion-Media

Cruise's popularity didn't help to keep his latest project from flopping.

Without a doubt, Tom Cruise is one of the biggest actors working in Hollywood right now, and his billion-dollar success last year with Top Gun: Maverick proved this statement beautifully. So it was only natural that producers and fans alike expected the actor's next film, Mission: Impossible 7, to do even better at the box office.

However, even though the recently released movie received impressive reviews from fans and critics, it looks like the latest installment in the famous action franchise will go down as one of Cruise's most painful failures.

While it may not be okay to call something a failure based on how much money it made at the box office, the metric can be used freely for a movie that cost $291 million to make. Paramount expected MI7 to rake in tons of money, and the fact that it earned only $164 million in the US and $541 million internationally must have really angered the producers.

As of now, MI7 is expected to lose more than $100 million of Paramount's money, which is an insanely painful flop for the studio. But why did such a great project lose so much cash?

First, the movie's budget was blown out of proportion by the COVID restrictions, forcing the entire crew to stop shooting and come back months later to finish their work. This made the production worth much more, and it became much harder for Paramount to break even.

Second, the studio decided to release their biggest blockbuster of the summer just a week before the double premiere of Oppenheimer and Barbie. Since both of those movies were highly anticipated, it became painfully clear that MI7 wasn't going to do well just a week after its release.

Both Barbie and Oppenheimer grabbed the attention of viewers and never let go, earning hundreds of millions at the domestic and international box office, leaving Cruise to pick up crumbs in their shadow.

It looks like Paramount itself is to blame for the movie's huge failure, as they could've premiered MI7 in August instead of July, securing much more attention from the audience.