Miss Suits Already? Check Out 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 for Suits Cast Reunion

Miss Suits Already? Check Out 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 for Suits Cast Reunion
Image credit: FOX

The hit show gives fans a surprise reunion.


  • Two actors from Suits joined Gina Torress on her show, melting the hearts of fans with the surprise reunion.
  • Even though the actors in question were never big stars in Suits, they were quite memorable in their roles.

As recently as last year, USA Network's Suits was best remembered as the show that catapulted Meghan Markle to fame. The show remained largely unknown to the general public, who overlooked it during its decade-long run. However, all that changed when Netflix added Suits to its library, breathing new life into the legal drama. It quickly became one of the most streamed shows of 2023, with new viewers across the globe discovering it for the first time.

Fans who have recently become acquainted with the dynamic characters of Suits are in for a pleasant surprise. Another show unexpectedly hosted a reunion of sorts for two of the show's prominent actors. While Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams may not be part of this reunion, we can assure you that you won't be disappointed with what this Fox show has in store.


9-1-1: Lone Star surprised all Suits fans early last year by revealing that actors D. B. Woodside and Amanda Schull had been cast as recurring characters in its fourth season, which is now available for streaming in its entirety.

Fans best remember Woodside for his role as Jeff Malone in Suits. His impressive performance left a lasting impression on viewers from his debut in Season 4. It's heartening to see him take on the role of a preacher in Rob Lowe's show.

Schull also has ties to Suits, having portrayed Katrina Bennet for eight seasons and becoming one of the central characters in Season 8. She has been cast as an FBI agent pursuing a domestic terrorist group in Lone Star.

The prospect of seeing two beloved characters from Suits working together again on the same show was a delight for fans of the legal drama. Although they never actually shared screen time, Woodside's character had a significant storyline with Gina Torres' character, another Suits actress.

It seems as though Suits alums are popping up everywhere these days!