Mila Kunis Wasn't Supposed to Be in Ted, That's How She Got the Role

Mila Kunis Wasn't Supposed to Be in Ted, That's How She Got the Role
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The actress served as Seth MacFarlane's casting consultant for nearly five years before landing the role herself.


  • Ted is one of the most beloved R-rated comedies of all time.
  • The movie cast its iconic leads later in production.
  • Mila Kunis was an old friend of Seth MacFarlane's and helped him with the flick.

Premiering in 2012, Seth MacFarlane's Ted followed two childhood friends, John and Ted, the latter of which was a teddy bear brought to life. But unlike a typical children's fantasy story, the film explored the characters' lives and relationship as adults. As a result, the movie didn't shy away from topics like sex, drugs, and obscene language.

Needless to say, the shockingly provocative flick was a huge success, grossing a staggering $550 million at the box office. But the story itself wasn't the only factor in Ted's popularity. The film had a star-studded cast, led by Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. Interestingly, the actress was a late addition to the story.

Mila Kunis's Path to Being in Ted

Mila Kunis has been working with Seth MacFarlane since 1999, when she was invited to voice Meg on Family Guy. And according to the actress herself, she wasn't initially considered for the role of Lori in Ted because she was thought to be too young. Instead, she offered her casting advice to MacFarlane.

'Ted was an amazing project because I wasn't supposed to be in Ted. Ted was something that he [Seth MacFarlane] wrote years before I got involved. And I was too young to do it. And it had all these other actors. And he [Seth] would always just come up to me and be like, "What do you think about this girl? What do you think about [that one]?" And I would always give my five cents on whatever actress he was looking into because I was too young [to play the part myself],' Mila Kunis shared in a recent interview.

What's more, Wahlberg didn't get the role of John out of the gate, as many other actors were considered for the part.

A Favor for a Friend

Ultimately, the story of Kunis' casting is pretty plain.

'Five years later I became of the proper age. And he [Seth] was like, "Why don't you do it?" And I was like, "Oh, yeah, I guess I could." And that's literally how it happened,' the actress said of her getting the role.

What will surprise you is that Mila Kunis wasn't really in awe of Ted, which may be why she didn't reprise her role in Ted 2.

'Nothing about it [the film] was logical. So I was like, "This is gonna be great…" Nothing about Family Guy made sense either,' she revealed. 'I did it because Seth was a friend of mine.'

And indeed, Mila Kunis nailed her role in the controversial flick. Meanwhile, the Ted franchise has just expanded with a new TV show that's currently streaming on Peacock.

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