MCU Fans Were Robbed of Infinity War Scene That Would've Changed Everything

MCU Fans Were Robbed of Infinity War Scene That Would've Changed Everything
Image credit: Legion-Media

Not all scenes can make it into movies post-production, yet the loss of Infinity War’s greatest scene feels like one of Marvel’s biggest mistakes.

Even four years since its release, Avengers: Infinity War, the monumental 2018 superhero epic, continues to be a treasure trove of joy and surprises for its fans. As the sixth highest-grossing movie of all time, it cemented the Marvel Cinematic Universe's dominance. Yet, despite its undisputed success, confessions and leaks of deleted scenes continue to leave fans yearning for more.

One such scene has Marvel enthusiasts devastated that it never graced the silver screen and desperate to finally see it released.

Doctor Strange and Tony Stark almost swapped costumes

Revealed in a photo leaked from the set of Infinity War before the movie's release, the image sent shockwaves through the Marvel fandom. It depicted Stephen Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, donning the iconic Iron Man suit, while Tony Stark, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., sported the mystical Cloak of Levitation.

Fans were understandably exhilarated by the concept, envisioning a momentous exchange between two beloved characters. However, upon the film’s release, to their disappointment, the scene never appeared, sparking debates about its intended role in the film's plot.

What could the scene have been about?

Speculation ran rife among the Marvel community regarding the potential significance of this unrealized scene. Most theories established that it would have taken place on Ebony Maw's ominous ship near the beginning of the movie.

After Doctor Strange was kidnapped and while being tortured for the Time Stone, Tony would have lent him his cutting-edge nano-tech armor, while Strange's enchanted Cloak of Levitation would have temporarily aided Stark. This means the duo would have briefly traded roles while engaging the malevolent forces on the ship.

Considering the characters had already begun to form a unique friendship, this exchange could have been a standout moment in the movie and one of the franchise’s most memorable scenes.

Why the scene was cut

Despite its undeniable appeal and the photographic evidence indicating its filming, the crucial question remains: Why was this scene cut from the final cut of Infinity War? It’s possible that due to the complex nature of the scene, directors Joe and Anthony Russo may have deemed it too challenging to seamlessly integrate into the narrative; especially given the film's intricate plot.

Alternatively, and possibly the most likely answer, constraints related to runtime and budget may have played a significant role in the decision. Every scene demanding advanced computer graphics incurs additional costs, and with Infinity War already pushing boundaries in this respect, sacrifices such as this scene were inevitable.

While the absence of Doctor Strange and Tony Stark trading gear has left many MCU fans yearning for something that we’ll likely never see, with plenty of other fan-pleasing moments throughout Infinity War, the movie remains one of the MCU’s best films all the same.