Masked Singer Season 9 Quarter Finals Prediction: Who Will Be Eliminated?

Masked Singer Season 9 Quarter Finals Prediction: Who Will Be Eliminated?
Image credit: FOX

One of the four contestants will have to go.

Since it premiered in 2019, The Masked Singer has given much entertainment to Fox viewers. With two seasons a year, the reality singing competition series has already aired as many as nine seasons, and the ninth one is now nearing its end, with only a few episodes left.

As of now, four out of 21 contestants are still competing on the show, and one of them will have to go after the impending quarter finals.

Naturally, The Masked Singer fans are curious about the next contestant to be eliminated, and they recently gathered on Reddit to conduct a small opinion poll on the matter. It turns out viewers are quite sure about which masked singer will be sent home next — it's UFO.

This choice is actually understandable, as there are a number of reasons for why UFO is least likely to go on to the next round of The Masked Singer. This contestant was the last among the quarterfinalists to enter the competition, making the first appearance only in Episode 9. Consequently, UFO hasn't had as much time to arrest the audience's attention and earn their love and support.

So far, this singer has performed three songs: 'Yellow' by Coldplay, 'Rocket Man' by Elton John, and Kygo's 'Stargazing.'

In other words, UFO hasn't been as promoted as the other quarterfinalists. For instance, the masked band California Roll established their dominance back at the beginning of the show's Season 9, and it has never been questioned ever since. Medusa has sung more songs than any other contestant. Meanwhile, Macaw appeared on the show earlier than UFO even though he's performed the same number of songs.

What's more, many fans believe UFO's vocals and stage presence aren't as good as the other remaining contestants'.

'She's the weakest vocalist and doesn't bring a whole lot of energy…' one Redditor wrote.

Nevertheless, some viewers still like UFO and prefer her to Medusa whose performances often seem to be over-the-top — but the former has more control over her voice than UFO, people say.

We'll see if the fans got it right in the next episode of The Masked Singer. It will arrive on Fox on May 3, 2023.

Source: Reddit.