Marina is the Most Criminally Underrated Bridgerton Character

Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans believe Penelope's cousin has not received enough recognition for her heartbreaking character arc.

Julia Quinn's bestselling novel series set in fictional Regency-era England has successfully turned into a hit Netflix series thanks to Shonda Rhimes, who has once again proved she has an incredible flair for talent by hiring a whole host of terrific young actors.

Fans adore the series and passionately discuss characters such as Penelope, Colin, or Kate, but there's one character who is almost never mentioned as a favorite — Marina Crane.

This young girl first appeared in London to live with her distant cousins, the Featheringtons, who were to help her find a future husband. From her first appearance at a ball, Marina became the object of everyone's attention, and several suitors, including Colin Bridgerton, became infatuated with her.

But the further development in Marina's life was a complete heartbreak: the girl fell in love with a guy named George and became pregnant by him, but after he went off to war, Lady Featherington pressured her to conceal the pregnancy and marry Colin instead.

The wedding was called off at the very last moment because of Lady Whistledown, and Colin and Marina parted ways.

You would think that, with such a powerful storyline, Marina would be the most talked-about character in the series, but that's totally not so. Surprisingly, many viewers prefer to focus on other characters, almost forgetting about Marina or treating her as a background character who only plays a secondary role in the show.

There are still a few admirers who appreciate Marina for her complexity, not for being overly good or bad. She has obviously been through a lot, losing her lover in the war and being forced into an unhappy but pragmatic marriage, and Marina can certainly show her character, acting angry and overly dramatic, lashing out at Penelope or treating her husband Philip (George's brother) with disgust and disrespect.

Thankfully, her storyline continues to evolve, and fans are expecting something big in the upcoming third season, as the story centers on Marina's best friend Penelope.