Making a Big Bang Theory Spin-off About Adult Missy is the Only Way for It to Work

Making a Big Bang Theory Spin-off About Adult Missy is the Only Way for It to Work
Image credit: CBS

Sheldon's twin sister has the most potential for a spin-off among all Coopers.

Rarely does a spin-off have enough potential to spawn a spin-off of its own. Usually, that's because spin-offs are not popular enough to prompt a network to make another show out of it, and viewership ratings are everything on TV.

But now it seems that The Big Bang Theory prequel, Young Sheldon, might be the one-of-a-kind unicorn that CBS can use as source material for another show.

When it first aired in 2017, Young Sheldon was still in the shadow of its parent show, and hardly anyone would think it could grow into a massive hit. However, even the two-year-long coexistence with TBBT did not hinder the prequel's success, as it eventually became one of the most popular sitcoms on TV and some go as far as to say that Young Sheldon is actually better than the original show.

Nevertheless, as the spin-off is most likely coming to its logical end in the next seventh season, which has already been announced, fans can't help but wonder if Young Sheldon may get a spin-off of its own. While these talks have been going on for years, a consensus concerning what — or rather, whom — the possible spin-off show should be about hasn't been reached in the fandom.

Missy Cooper, Sheldon's twin sister, is everybody's favorite, and naturally, she is the number one candidate for a spin-off. In fact, many fans argue she might be the only character who can make it work.

Missy isn't as intelligent as her genius sibling but she's more mature and human. She's sprightly and feisty and does all the things that ordinary people do, which makes her relatable. Fans think it's a crime that the character popped up on TBBT only a couple of times, and even in Young Sheldon, Missy is continuously neglected. So perhaps, a spin-off focusing on Missy's adult years could correct the injustice.

Fans would be keen to see Missy's story — in particular, how she came to be a single twice-divorced mom, raising her children in still very conservative Texas. Everyone agrees that Sheldon's twin sister has a ton of potential for a spin-off and her story deserves to be heard, so hopefully CBS will heed the fandom's call.