Lucas & Nathan Both Deserve Better Than THAT When Calls the Heart Twist

Lucas & Nathan Both Deserve Better Than THAT When Calls the Heart Twist
Image credit: Hallmark Channel

The fans are disappointed in the writers.

For nearly a decade, Hallmark's When Calls the Heart was often cited as the best melodrama on network television, and for good reason - the story of Elizabeth, a young woman from high society who moves to the Canadian frontier to become a schoolteacher, was not only compelling, but also shed light on an important historical period. The romantic storylines were great, and the central romance between Elizabeth and Lucas became the biggest treat for fans in recent seasons.

Prior to Season 10, everyone in the fandom was sure that Elizabeth and Lucas would be married by the end of the series, as the two were already planning a wedding. However, that all came crashing down, and fans are not happy about it.

A sudden change

In the last episode, it was revealed that Lucas will try to become governor and plans to move from Hope Valley to Capitol City for four years if he is successful. However, to the shock of many, Elizbeth decided to call off her marriage over this, preferring to stay in the city, which was a real departure from the image the writers had been building for her for nearly a decade.

A previously strong-willed, independed woman suddenly became incapable of leaving her comfort zone, even for a man she supposedly loved. The fact that the writers decided to create such a twist really baffled fans, and even fans of Nathan, a man Elizabeth is sure to start seeing after Lucas leaves, are unhappy about it.

Elizabeth is no match for Nathan

Even though Nathan has been in love with Elizabeth for quite some time, fans are sure that the fact that Elizabeth is only going to date him after breaking up with Lucas is really unfair to him.

Think about it, she was publicly dating Lucas for three seasons straight, so the idea of her starting to date Nathan seems a bit strange, as she seems to choose him only as a safer option than Lucas.

Furthermore, Nathan and Lucas have become friends over the last few seasons, which makes the upcoming storyline completely unrealistic. Fans are massively disappointed in the writers and already argue that watching the show will be a total drag if this romantic storyline will turn out to be true.