Love is Blind Fans Compile a Banned Words List — Are You Guilty of Using Them Too?

Love is Blind Fans Compile a Banned Words List — Are You Guilty of Using Them Too?
Image credit: Netflix

Reality show fans are seriously bothered by some of the words the contestants frequently use.

Netflix's Love is Blind puts its cast members in pretty restrained conditions, as they are all forced to live in isolation pods until they meet their match and agree to commit to each other — and that's certainly a unique premise that has attracted lots of fans to follow the show.

However, the participants are not at all limited in their speech, and it turns out most of them often use the same banal words over and over again, making fans bored and irritated at the same time.

Love is Blind is, of course, a reality show, which means that all the contestants are just normal people interacting with each other without a written script. This definitely makes their interactions very interesting, but it also results in their apparent lack of vocabulary, as they talk to each other without trying to sound sophisticated and clever.

And though viewers love the genuineness of their conversations, no matter how banal they sound, some of the contestants' commonly used words have in fact annoyed fans, prompting them to compile a list of banned words on Reddit.

One of the most disliked words constantly used on Love is Blind is obviously "like" — a totally useless filler word that doesn't mean anything at all. The reality series' contestants use this word in almost every sentence, much to the irritation of viewers. Another hated filler word on the list is "literally," which is also one of the most overused words on the show.

People say they are also tired of all the female participants referring to each other as "queens." This word has seen a dramatic increase in usage in recent years, and it does sound funny sometimes — but when it's said over and over again in a single episode, the effect starts to drastically disappear.

Now to something a little more romantic — "my person" is thrown around all the time on Love is Blind, and viewers are starting to hate those two words together, arguing that they mean almost nothing to the contestants.

Other words and phrases on the banned list include "oh my gosh," "manifest," "vibes," and "icky." Fess up, are you guilty of overusing them too?