Love After Lockup: It's High Time for a Spin-Off Show Featuring Big Ma

Image credit: Legion-Media

The offbeat reality show has just finished its fourth season, and fans are already eagerly awaiting the return of one of its stars.

We TV's Love after Lockup premiered back in 2018 and quickly garnered a ton of attention, largely thanks to its incredibly bizarre premise: the series follows several engaged couples with one of the partners recently released from prison.

Viewers went crazy for the show, wanting to see how these people's relationships develop in their difficult situation, and of the six couples featured in season four, Monique and Derek were the one who drew particular attention from fans.

Derek served nine years for possession and distribution of drugs, and while he was behind bars, his relationship with his girlfriend was loving and caring. But once he was released, Monique began to worry about his loyalty to her, fearing that he might end their relationship.

Derek didn't leave her and instead tried to prove his love for Monique, but she decided to do the unthinkable anyway: while visiting Derek's grandmother Big Ma at her house, Monique installed a hidden camera in his room to watch what he was doing while she was out of town. Furious with Monique's actions, fans were also happy to meet Big Ma, who quickly proved to be one of the greatest characters in the entire series.

Despite being 95 years of age, Big Ma was as fresh as a teenager, living alone in her house and keeping it in perfect order until her grandson returned.

Viewers described her as one of the kindest, most loving and accepting people on the show, and some said they envied Derek for having such a perfect grandmother. In that respect, Monique's betrayal felt much stronger — not only because she doubted Derek, but because she also installed cameras in Big Ma's house, and that's something this venerable woman never deserved.

Fans were quick to suggest We TV should invite Big Ma to star in a spin-off series — something less dramatic and edgy than Love After Lockup, but more of a cozy talk show in which Ma would share her advice with viewers.

People expressed their desire to get to know this incredible woman better and argued that the increased attention to the spin-off would help her financially. Some also suggested producing a talk show with Big Ma and Daonte's mom, who is another beloved character in the series. Love after Lockup has not yet been renewed for a fifth season, but We TV has already expressed its willingness to do so.