Looks Like Paget Brewster Won't Be in Community: The Movie After All

Looks Like Paget Brewster Won't Be in Community: The Movie After All
Image credit: NBC

Six seasons and a movie is no longer a fever dream, but a reality we could only hope for.

Our beloved Greendale Community College characters are about to reunite as Peacock streaming service has ordered a feature-length movie from the original show's creator, Dan Harmon, yay! However, while we wait for most of the ensemble cast to return, it looks like some members of the show will not be in the movie, much to the dismay of fans.

In January 2023, Joel McHale said in a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel that filming would begin that summer.

It will feature most of the original cast, though it's still unknown if we should expect Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Chevy Chase.

And while it's not known if the main cast will return in full, fans are also unlikely to see the supporting characters who filled in (quite successfully) in seasons 5 and 6. We're talking about Criminal Minds star Paget Brewster, who played the role of the head of Greendale's IT department, Debra Chambers, in season five of Community, and in season six she is remembered for her role as Frankie Dart, a consultant hired by Greendale, who eventually becomes part of the core team.

On March 18, Brewster wrote a very bittersweet Twitter post revealing the future of the actress' involvement in the film:

“I miss Frankie Dart, too. I hope to get a call I’ll be in the movie, even just one line ! or no lines, standing behind someone.”

In fact, it looks like the creators didn't even bother inviting her to join the cast. That doesn't sound good. Or is this all a ploy by Dan Harmon to cleverly obscure the details? Quite in the spirit of his shenanigans!

Many have even imagined comedic situations in which Brewster could play two of her roles from the show at once:

“Abed and anyone else, let's say Annie, are talking to the IT lady. She leaves and the turn around, and Frankie is there. Annie starts talking to Frankie normally and Abed cannot handle what is happening. Big eyes, double takes, et al,” Reddit user ProfessorNth says.

Well, whatever the case, we're still looking forward to the release of the movie. And along with the main cast, it would be great to see Paget Brewster again. If you're reading this, Harmon, be sure to invite her!