Looks Like Fans Already Guessed RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15's Winner

Image credit: Legion-Media

America's favourite reality show once again features more than a dozen talented performers, but only one can take the prize home.

This season, the most popular reality competition has changed networks, moving from VH1 to MTV. And despite a bigger budget and more support from one of the top networks in the US, fans are not thrilled about RuPaul's decision to move his show to MTV, as the length of each episode has been drastically reduced from 60 minutes to just 40 in season 15.

Viewers argue that such a short running time per episode negatively impacts the show, preventing people from getting to know the contestants better and ruining the exciting challenges by rushing through them at breakneck speed.

But, despite all the drawbacks, fans are already in love with the new drag queens, picking favourites and supporting the underdogs. Six episodes in, a pattern is emerging, and people are beginning to guess who the most likely winner is.

With sixteen drag queens competing in season 15, fans were initially divided on who had the best chances of winning, but after a few episodes, Sasha Colby became everyone's favourite. On top of an impeccable sense of style, Sasha has a great personality that instantly appealed to both RuPaul and the audience.

Sasha has already won one challenge, and as fans have pointed out on Reddit, every previous Drag Race winner has won one of the first challenges, so with this critical win under her belt, Sasha's chances are now soaring. Furthermore, seeing how Sasha is a Native Hawaiian trans woman, she's got multiple communities supporting her, which will help her towards the end of the season.

Many fans have noted that even though Sasha has only won one challenge so far, she finished second in the other two. And she got second place not on a technicality, either, with both judges and the audience agreeing that she may very well have won both challenges.

Sasha is expected to win both the cash prize and the drag superstar title.