List of American Idol Finalists Returning As Mentors For S21 Hollywood Week

List of American Idol Finalists Returning As Mentors For S21 Hollywood Week
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American Idol is finally updating its approach to Hollywood week.

ABC's American Idol has been around forever, and the time has finally come to change its old formula – all viewers eagerly follow the contestants during their Hollywood trials, but for the past two seasons, this previously exciting part of the selection process was rather boring to watch.

Contestants were forced to choose between genres such as rock, soul or pop, which severely limited their singing abilities and infuriated fans. This year, that problem will finally be fixed, and that's not the only surprise ABC has in store for fans.

This year, contestants will choose three areas in which they want to get better –confidence, songwriting or stage presence.

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And they won't be alone in overcoming their fears, as American Idol is finally introducing mentors to Hollywood Week, something fans have been asking for years. And that's not all – all the mentors will be past American Idol winners!

  • Clay Aiken (Season 2) and David Archuleta (Season 7) will work on the contestants' confidence,
  • Catie Turner (Season 16) and Phillip Phillips (Season 11) will help those looking to hone their songwriting skills, while
  • Jordin Sparks (Season 6) and Justin Guarini (Season 1) will provide stage presence mentorship.

And that's not all!

Last season's winner Noah Thompson will give the new contestants some motivational speeches, reassuring them that with the right amount of work, anything is possible.

Fans are thrilled to see past winners return to American Idol in new roles, sharing their wisdom and experience with their younger counterparts. All of these singers are an important part of American Idol's DNA, as their victories have inspired many more young and talented performers to take a shot at stardom.

People are especially eager to see Jordin Sparks again, as this wholesome and caring singer will definitely make all the contestants feel better about themselves, and the chance to hear Sparks perform will not be missed by fans.

American Idol Season 21 Episode 7 will premiere on ABC on April 2, 2023.