Liam and Douglas’ Relationship is The Bold and The Beautiful's Biggest Missed Opportunity

Image credit: Legion-Media

While the CBS soap opera has a lot of characters, not all of them have well-written relationships.

The Bold and the Beautiful has been captivating audiences since its premiere in 1987, making it one of the most cherished daytime shows ever. The saga of the Forrester family and their haute couture business has struck a chord with viewers, with protagonists like Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan cementing their status as household names.

Nonetheless, the show's abundance of secondary characters can sometimes leave fans entangled in a complex web of affairs, making it a challenge to keep up with the numerous interconnected plotlines.

The romance between Liam Spencer and Hope Logan has been a rollercoaster ride since the beginning, featuring a multitude of bizarre plot twists and unexpected turns. Their relationship has recently evolved into a heartwarming story of a steady and affectionate marriage.

Hope's custody of Douglas, son of the late Caroline Spencer and Thomas Forrester, has brought new challenges to their family life, as Thomas once tried to be with Hope as her husband. As she is raising Douglas, Hope relies on Liam's support, but some fans have voiced concerns that Liam isn't spending enough time with the boy.

Discussing the relationship on Reddit, fans pointed out that Douglas never meant much to Liam, as adopting the boy was Hope's idea, not his. He simply went along with her decision.

Still, Liam loved his cousin Carolina, so taking care of her baby shouldn't have been such a big deal for him: fans don't think the show's writers put enough effort into cementing the bond between Liam and Douglas, focusing instead on other plotlines.

However, as some have pointed out, Liam may have another reason for keeping the boy close: Hope clearly cares for Douglas, and if the boy were to stay with his biological father, Thomas, Hope would be seeing them all the time. Given their troubled past together, Liam just couldn't go along with it. So he chose to adopt Douglas himself.

Fans want to see the bond between them become real in future episodes as Douglas grows up and Liam owns up to the mistakes he made raising him.