Larys Strong Is The Best (And Criminally Underrated) HotD Villain

Larys Strong Is The Best (And Criminally Underrated) HotD Villain
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There are a lot of vicious characters in the Game of Thrones spinoff, but Larys may prove to be the nastiest of them all.

Geroge R.R. Martin is extremely talented at creating morally gray and ambiguous personalities, but he is even better at it when it comes to downright disgusting characters. Just the thought of people like Littlefinger makes the hearts of fans sink, and it looks like the writer isn't going to stop there, introducing an even more controversial villain in his latest HBO series.

The story of the struggle between the two branches of House Targaryen involves a host of silver-haired villains, but one outsider character seems to be as dangerous as both Daemon and Aemond – Larys Strong, nicknamed Clubfoot.

The head of the House Strong suffered from a clubfoot from an early age, which prevented him from becoming a warrior like his brothers and father.

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This resentment made him an angry cunning man, trying to establish dominance over everyone. Due to his inability to engage in physical competition, Larys met Queen Alicent while waiting in the royal tent while other men were hunting. He later became her confidant and served her father Otto Hightower as some kind of a personal master of whispers.

Serving under Otto and Alicent, Larys has developed a reputation as a dangerous man, using all his abilities to strengthen the Hightowers position at court.

At the end of King Viserys' reign, Larys even becomes Lord Confessor – a position that is most fitting for this torture-hungry man. Cutting off the tongues of prisoners is not only okay for Larys, but also gives him pleasure.

After the King's death, Larys uses all his powers to serve Otto and destroy his opponents by tracking down spies, scheming and plotting in his master's favor. But that doesn't mean he doesn't seek power himself.

Fans were disgusted by the way he treated Alicent in one of the scenes, forcing her to do him a sexual favor in exchange for valuable information. Alicent reluctantly agreed, and immediately after this, fans realized that Larys is indeed the next big villain of House of the Dragon.

Described as sadistic as Ramsay Bolton, as conniving as Varys and as creepy as Littlefinger, Larys made a big impression in season one, so people can't wait to see what the future holds for this limping villain.