Kim Cattrall's Feud With Sex and the City Costars: a Complete Breakdown

Kim Cattrall's Feud With Sex and the City Costars: a Complete Breakdown
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Does Samantha Jones' cameo in And Just Like That... mean the infamous behind-the-scenes feud is over?

If, like millions of Sex and the City fans, you were shocked to learn earlier this month that Kim Cattrall would be reprising her role as Samantha Jones in the prequel series And Just Like That..., you probably already know about the drama that has been brewing between Kim and other cast members for decades. But you may have forgotten just how wild things got over the years. We are here to remind you.

Read on to delve into the complete timeline of the behind-the-scenes scandal between Kim Cattrall and her castmates.

1998 - 2004

The first signs of the future feud reared their ugly head during the run of Sex and the City. When Sarah Jessica Parker was promoted to executive producer and started getting paid several times more than her co-stars, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, who played Charlotte and Miranda, respectively, didn't seem to mind. On the other hand, Kim Cattrall was not pleased at all and tried to renegotiate her own pay, which led to tensions on the set.

December 2004

After the show wrapped up, Cattrall shared with Jonathan Ross on Friday night (via Digital Spy) that the disagreement over the pay gap was the main reason she decided to move on, and the series didn't get a Season 7. But she added that she would be willing to reprise the role if the price was right.

May 2008

Apparently, the studio, Kim, and her co-stars were able to find common ground since the first Sex and the City movie hit theatres in May 2008. Around the same time, the Telegraph published a report detailing the feud between the cast members. Among other things, it described how co-stars gave Cattrall the silent treatment during the show's production and how Kim refused to call other actresses friends. Parker, however, told the outlet that she considers all of the cast members her friends, including Cattrall.

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The second Sex and the City film began production in 2009. The New York Post reported that the atmosphere on the set was tense and uncomfortable because Parker and Cattrall were not on speaking terms. The stars, however, did not comment on the report.

2009 - 2016

In the months leading up to and following the film's premiere, its stars gave many interviews in which they were repeatedly asked about the ongoing feud and always denied it, saying it was nothing more than baseless rumours. They kept up the charade for several more years until problems with the third film's production laid the issue bare again.

September - October 2017

Things came to a head when the third Sex and the City film got cancelled before filming began. The Daily Mail first reported that Cattrall made demands that the studio couldn't meet. However, Kim later tweeted that this was false and that she had turned down the project months earlier. Discussions about the film's cancellation continued, and among other things, Cattrall told Piers Morgan (via the Daily Mail) that the Sex and the City cast were never friends and specifically called out Parker's attitude, which she said was far from nice.

February 2018

The feud hit a new low when Parker posted a comment on Cattrall's Instagram offering condolences on her brother's death (via US Weekly). Kim responded with a post slamming Parker for using her personal tragedy to boost her public image.

In the months following the heated exchange, insiders confirmed to US Weekly that the stars had been at odds for years, and Parker said she didn't understand what prompted Cattrall's harsh message, insisting in an interview with Vulture that there was no 'catfight'.

January 2021

The reboot series And Just Like That... was confirmed to premiere without Cattrall's involvement, much to the disappointment of millions of fans.

May 2022

Kim told Variety that she was never asked to participate in the project and has long parted ways with her iconic character. Parker confirmed on the Awards Chatter podcast that Samantha was never meant to appear on screen, explaining that since Cattrall was not interested in the third film, the production team did not feel comfortable talking to her about the series.

May 2023

In the run-up to the And Just Like That... Season 2 premieres on 22 June, Variety dropped a bombshell by reporting that despite her previous statements, Cattrall was set to do a cameo in the upcoming episodes. While this is an undeniable step forward, the infamous Sex and the City behind-the-scenes drama is far from over. Samantha's scene will reportedly be brief and won't feature any of the other main cast members, which means Kim didn't meet up with Sarah Jessica Parker or any of her former co-stars to film it.

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