Kevin Sussman Has One Major Regret About His Big Bang Theory Gig

Kevin Sussman Has One Major Regret About His Big Bang Theory Gig
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Each and every character on The Big Bang Theory was special and unique, and besides the key six people in the gang, there was one person who made it from a supporting character to one of the main ones — Stuart Bloom.

Kevin Sussman, the actor who played Stuart, has appeared in shows ranging from Law & Order to Better Call Saul, but these were mostly cameo roles.

TBBT has been Sussman's major acting gig so far, and we must hand it to the showrunners who appreciated his talent and made him one of the series' regulars. However, it appears that there's one thing that the actor still regrets about his experience on the show.

Stuart Bloom was introduced in season two as a recurring character. He owned the comic bookstore, a place that the main characters visited on a regular basis.

Although Stuart was their friend, he was not the most frequent guest on the show and was not expected to return, but the producers' attitude towards him changed after the seventh episode of season three.

That's the episode where we learn that Stuart still has feelings for Penny. As Leonard and Penny turn to walk away from the book store, he whispers "I love you" to her. The creepy and hilarious line was completely made up by the actor, and the showrunners liked the ad-lib so much that they decided to give Stuart more screen time.

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By season eight, Bloom moves in with the Wolowitz family, becoming not just a friend of the gang but a full-fledged main character. In season 12, he starts dating Denise, a co-worker at the comic book store. Fans enjoyed their storyline and expected to see it develop further, but…

Just as that love arc began to evolve, the series came to an end! And it's no wonder Kevin Sussman feels disappointed about TBBT's finale, as his character never really got a chance to enjoy his new, happy life with Denise.

'My character had just gotten a girlfriend, so I was excited to see what was going to happen with that storyline,' Sussman said at the annual Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 2021, implying that this was his major regret about the series.

In fact, Sussman wasn't the only one who suffered because the show ended abruptly with season 12. As we now know, that season wasn't intended to be the last one, but the producers had to wrap up because Jim Parsons refused to renew his contract (which is so Sheldon of him). Although most of the cast and crew were willing to continue, the show was never able to complete a number of arcs, including Stuart's.