Ken Makes Masked Singer Nearly Unwatchable, Fans Complain

Ken Makes Masked Singer Nearly Unwatchable, Fans Complain
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It looks like one of the judges is really irritating the fans.

Fox's The Masked Singer has quickly become one of the most popular reality singing competitions out there, thanks in no small part to its stark difference from shows like The Voice and American Idol. In those shows, the judges are most often at the center of the attention, while the contestants remain secondary.

The same can't be said for The Masked Singer, where celebrities in disguise really rule the roost. However, one particular judge is trying to change that for some reason.

Comedian Ken Jeong has been a judge on the show since its first season, and at first, people really loved his jokes and ironic guesses, but it looks like his comedy got stale by season nine. After each contestant finishes his or her performance, the judges try to guess what celebrities are hiding behind the mask, and all but Jeong try their best.

Jeong's approach is different — whenever he clearly has no idea about the true identity of the mask, he jokingly guesses the obviously wrong unorthodox celebrity to get big laughs. But no one is laughing anymore!

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Fans of the show admit that Jeong's antics have gotten so stale that they just can't take it anymore. People even go so far as to accuse Jeong of ruining the entire show by making every judging panel a total cringe-fest.

While humor is definitely a subjective thing, people are angry at Jeong for trying to overshadow other judges, drawing all the attention to himself and subtly mocking his colleagues for trying to properly deduce the identity of the performers.

Perhaps it is finally time for Fox to let Jeong go, fans argue, as sitting through his unfunny bits multiple times each episode has simply become boring. While some viewers still support Jeong as a comedian, they also agree that maybe The Masked Singer is just not cut out for him as a judge.

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 9 'Masked Singer in Space' will arrive on Fox on April 12, 2023.