Katheryn Winnick Would Be a Great Choice for Visenya in House of the Dragon

Image credit: Legion-Media

Westeros' legendary female warrior may finally appear in an HBO spinoff series.

George R.R. Martin never had a problem creating interesting and unusual characters; over the years he has written dozens of scheming warriors and corrupt aristocrats for the Game of Thrones universe. But thanks to Martin's encyclopedic approach to creating his fantasy universe, often refering to the past events, fans know a lot about the Westeros' historic characters, but have never seen them in person.

Now, with the release of House of the Dragon, there's a real chance to see one of the most intriguing characters in the flesh, albeit in a flashback or in a parallel storyline.

It looks like the iconic Visenya Targaryen, wife and sister of Aegon the Conqueror, founder and first king of the Targaryen dynasty, is due to appear in the coming years.

Although her character is detailed by Martin in his latest book, Fire & Blood, she lived a long time before the events of House of the Dragon. So, as many fans on Reddit believe, HBO may either present viewers with a long series of flashbacks about Aegon's Conquest, or make a brand new spinoff series detailing the Targaryen history.

Either way, it looks like an actress perfect for Visenya has already been found.

In a Reddit poll on the likelihood of Visenya appearing on screen, fans unanimously chose the actress for the warrior queen – Katheryn Winnick from Vikings. The Canadian actress rose to fame for her role as Lagertha, a fierce warrior and future queen. Sound familiar? Yes, it feels like Winnick has played Visenya before, but in a different series, and fans are ready to let the actress portray her signature character.

There's just one problem – Winnick is 45 and Visenya was only 29 at the time of Aegon's Conquest.

Even fans of the actress are not sure that HBO will give her a chance, given that such an important role will require a lot of time from Katheryn. Many are hoping for the best, but the network will probably choose a much younger actress for the role.