Kat Graham Should Have Left The Vampire Diaries – But Never Did

Kat Graham Should Have Left The Vampire Diaries – But Never Did
Image credit: The CW

Fans remain perplexed by Kat's decision.

Undoubtedly, The CW's The Vampire Diaries stands as one of the most iconic shows of the past decade despite having as many detractors as it does fans. It's difficult to dispute that this vampire romance show has influenced numerous other television series and movies. Despite frequent criticism for subpar writing, it remains relevant to this day. However, even the most devoted TVD fans can't ignore one fact - the writers evidently played favorites.

While characters like Elena, Stefan, and Damon got substantial character development each season, giving the actors who portrayed them plenty of screen time and material to exercise their acting muscle with, other supporting characters languished in acting purgatory throughout the show's run. Bonnie Bennett, played by Kat Graham, is a prime example of this latter phenomenon.

Character with Promise

Bonnie was introduced in the show's first season, and fans quickly fell in love with this young woman who discovered she was a witch. Her storyline, dealing with the repercussions of her ancestry, is still widely considered one of the show's strongest.

However, following that brilliant introduction, Bonnie was seemingly forgotten by the writers, who began using her as a mere prop as soon as her initial story arc concluded. Granted, Kat Graham was consistently present on the show and got plenty of screen time, but her character only assisted other characters on their hero journeys instead of undergoing her own development.

Kat Should Have Left

Fans urged Kat to leave the show for quite some time, questioning why the actress would opt to stay in a project where her character and input were not valued. However, when Nina Dobrev left the show after Season 6 and Bonnie became the show's secondary lead, fans began to comprehend the actress's master plan as her character finally ascended to the top.

Regrettably, the final two seasons were a massive disappointment for Kat and her character. The writers showed no interest in developing the powerful witch despite the fact that she was now a major character driving the whole show.

Do you think Kat should have left the show as soon as possible?