Just How Similar 1899 and Outer Range Are?

Just How Similar 1899 and Outer Range Are?
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At first glance, the two mystery series have nothing in common, but fans still find them incredibly similar.

In 2022, two highly anticipated television series, Amazon Prime's Outer Range and Netflix's 1899, captivated audiences with their distinct styles and gripping storylines. While the former featured a prominent Hollywood actor and drew inspiration from westerns, the latter was created by a diverse international team and heavily relied on horror aesthetics.

Despite their different approaches, both shows expertly satisfied viewers' cravings for intrigue and suspense. As the plot of each series unfolded, fans were left with a slew of unanswered questions and unexpected plot twists.

But how similar are Outer Range and 1899?

In Outer Range, Josh Brolin portrays a Wyoming farmer who stumbles upon a baffling black void within his property and attempts to unravel its enigma. Similarly, in 1899, a group of immigrants en route to America on a colossal passenger ship encounter a host of inexplicable occurrences. Given these parallel storylines, it's easy to see the common theme that runs through both shows.

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Both series have attracted a devoted following on Reddit, with fans hailing each show for its unique qualities. Despite their differences, enthusiasts of both have been looking for similarities.

Outer Range is a quintessentially American show, drawing significant inspiration from westerns and the outlaw ethos. The show focuses on cinematic action; even when characters meet their demise in the most mysterious ways, their deaths are invariably action-packed. 1899, on the other hand, takes a more arthouse approach, with dimly lit scenes that instil a sense of dread and characters who often solemnly gaze into the distance.

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Despite these stylistic differences, both shows possess a certain enigmatic quality that cannot be easily defined or explained. While Brolin's show leans more towards action, viewers still find themselves similarly invested in unravelling the mysteries on screen. Although the approaches to solving these mysteries may vary, the underlying quest for truth unites the two series.

Interestingly, despite the blockbuster nature of Outer Range, the show is often viewed as even more mysterious than its Netflix counterpart.

Fans of both shows concede that the mysteries in Outer Range are particularly engaging, as the series deliberately takes its time in revealing answers. Viewers revel in this sense of uncertainty, and many even question whether the show's creators themselves know the answers to the enigmas they present.

In contrast, the mysteries in 1899 are often more predictable, with fans easily anticipating when the answers will be revealed and the show's creators providing more structure and planning to explain them.

While Outer Range may come across as a superior series, it really isn't. Over on Reddit, fans confess love for both shows and took it very badly when Netflix decided not to renew 1899 for a second season.