Just How Long is Sasha Calle's Screen Time in The Flash?

Just How Long is Sasha Calle's Screen Time in The Flash?
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The new Supergirl was denied a chance to shine.

It's hard to find a more troubled movie than The Flash, which was supposed to be released years ago but was delayed due to the COVID pandemic, Ezra Miller's erratic behavior, and numerous reshoots. But on the bright note, thanks to the constant changes in the script, fans were treated to an insane number of cameos, with actors like Nicolas Cage, Ben Aflleck, and George Clooney appearing in the movie.

However, many people were more interested in the introduction of a new Supergirl. Actress Sasha Calle became the face of The Flash promotion, even appearing on the movie's main poster.

While some fans were a bit worried that Calle's first-ever movie role would make her a huge star even before the film was released, the young artist managed to prove her worth to the audience, flexing her acting muscles to the fullest in The Flash. Nevertheless, it looks like the DCEU producers have misled fans by calling Supergirl the most important character in the movie, as Sasha Calle barely had much screen time in it.

The Flash clocks in at an impressive 2 hours and 24 minutes, making it one of the longest comic book movies. However, much to the disappointment of fans who wanted to see more of Calle's Supergirl in action, the actress' screen time in the movie is limited to only about 15 minutes.

'The CGI was pretty rough and Sasha Calle was really only in it for like 10–15 minutes? Not to mention her and Keaton just get wiped from existence at the end? Very disappointing,' one fan said.

Of course, it's strange to expect Supergirl to get a lot of screen time in a film titled The Flash, which clearly indicates that Ezra Miller's Barry Allen will be in the spotlight for most of the movie's running time. However, fans are not to blame for wanting to see more of Calle, as the producers did everything in their power to promote her as one of the movie's big stars.

It looks like The Flash's producers only did it because Ezra Miller refused to go on a press tour, so they were forced to choose another actor to push as the main star. But because of that, many fans left the theater feeling cheated.

Source: Reddit.